Income Tax Preparation & Filing

Here at EMCOL Tax and Insurance, we provide professional tax preparation services at very highly competitive prices. You may either walk-in, or set up an appointment by calling, emailing, or even sending us a message through our page on Facebook; and we’d be glad to further assist you.

Though many taxpayers now choose to electronically file their own tax returns, for a number of reasons or benefits, some of which include: the ease-of- use of free online portals; to gain much better insights; more education on tax laws; as well as get some savings for not having to pay service fees for hiring accountants and/or tax professionals. As good as all these upsides seem, the downsides to self-preparing and self-filing are way much more numerous and severe: for example, historical records in the past 3 years indicate that online support for self-filing is insufficient for a lot of taxpayers in real time; taxpayers stand at greater risk of filing tax returns loaded with errors wherein you alone will be solely responsible; missing out on valid tax exemptions, deductions and credits running into millions of eligible taxpayer dollars are just a few of the facts on record.

Here at EMCOL, we strive to treat you right, assess fairly, and work tirelessly to get you what you deserve, not what is available. We do not claim to be the best or the biggest by any means, but we bank on our human relations and ability to cater to the needs of our clients within the confines and guidelines of the relevant tax laws of the land.

You can see for yourself by giving us a try.

In response to the aforementioned identified problems with self-filing by taxpayers, we have also upgraded this website with a hybrid solution to meet the needs of certain client-taxpayers; by this we mean those who would like to get the benefits of self-filing, while ensuring their tax return accuracy, they also don’t wanna miss any eligible exemptions, deductions, and credits. So to try this out, click here to be directed to our File Online Do-It- Yourself portal.

Additionally, we also have seasoned Tax Preparers who would be glad to offer their assistance to make sure you are on track, should you need help while filing your taxes, simply contact us for further assistance and one of our agents will further assist you. Alternatively, even before you start the online self-filing, if you feel you’d need a little bit of help from a tax consultant, for a relatively small fee, then contact us, and we will be glad to further assist you as well.

Thank you for considering doing business with EMCOL Tax & Insurance.

Amending Prior Tax Returns

Need a copy of your prior year Tax Return plus the Year you want to amend.

Non-profit Tax Preparation

Call for details.

IRS Resolution & Audit Support

Facing an AUDIT ? We can help you. Stop the bleeding. Contact us TODAY!

Electronic Filing

Come with your ID, SSN/ITIN, W2, 1099, etc. Call us to find out more details.

Federal Correspondence

Received letter from the IRS, wondering how to make sense of it? Its FREE to you.

ITIN Application

To file ITIN, please bring ALL forms of ID you may have for a FREE Consultation.

ITIN and Tax Return

To file an ITIN with Tax Returns Preparation, we need the above Application info.


Notary Public

Have a‏ document that needs to be notarized? Stop by our office for assistance

Business Registration

We will help you file and register that DBA, LLC, INC, 501(c)3, etc.

Business Development

Yeah, you have the idea, now what? Need help getting started? Contact for details

Document Writing

We can‏ help with your Newsletters, Articles, Contracts, MOUs, JVs, Independent Contractor Agreements, Partnerships, Sub-Contractor Term Agreements, By-Laws, Letter of Intents, Non-Disclosures, Affidavits, etc.

Report Writing

Business Plan, Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Cash Flow Projections, etc.


Need help to keep up with your books, contact us to see how we can help you

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